Sunday, March 13, 2011

Knight Games Logo Final

So for my final iteration of my logo, I brought my sketch into Adobe Illustrator. I outlined my logo and added a black background to the logo. The reason I added background because it gives my logo some visual glue. I chose orange and red as the logo's color because they are masculine and non feminine. I also added the official URL of my gaming company on the bottom of my logo. The URL and logo are in perfect alignment with each other.

Date: 12/17/09

Knight Games Logo sketch

This sketch is one out of many ideas that I created for my logo project. I decided to choose this one because it shows simplicity and geometry within it's design. The G outlines the K and S within the logo design. And also because it is the only one that keeps it's correct size when shrunken down. The name of my company is Knight Games, it is video game manufacturing corporation.


What Effects Me?

The last project that I made to finish off my senior year in high school was a portrait of myself which is being effected by everyday topics. These everyday topics include violence, christianity, technology, and love. For the of myself, I displayed and traced onto a canvas by using a projector. So for each of these topics, I included images that corresponded with their meanings. For example, I use a large wing that forms in the back of my left shoulder to symbolize christianity. Also each of the topics not only effects my portrait, but they also began to effect one another. For example, an satellite forms inside of the wing, which means technology and christianity are merging together. I use mixture between low and high contrast colors for this piece.

Date: 5/29/09

I am the Puppet of..........

So the synopsis of this project, is that I am interpreting myself as a puppet who is acting as a medium for the words honor, power, anger, courage, and knowledge. In this project, my puppet has strings attached to it, which begins to look like a real puppet. Each of the strings contains one of the five words. I also created images that act symbols for each one of the words. For example, the word, "Power", I use a sword as the word's image. For the coloring portion of the project, I chose to use low contrast colors.


Intimate Portrait Final

For my last iteration, I follow my first draft design as a temptlate. I changed but a fraction of this project. The reason why I did not do a complete overhaul of this project because I felt that I did all of the necessary changes that the project needed. The last iteration contains the same images, text, and etc. Some of the changes I did make was taking out the sequence with the rotating shurikens, adding some new images, and a gray background.

Date 5/11/10

Face your Fears

This is a project that I created in high school during my first semester of senior year. So the project consists of me facing my fear of dogs. In order to create myself portrait, I took a picture of myself in terror on a computer. I converted my image file into a hard plastic template that could be displayed onto a projector. From there I traced my portrait image onto a canvas. For the dog portrait, I search and found an image of an agitated canine that I could use. For the coloring aspect of the project, I used very high contrast colors for the portrait of myself. And I used low contrast colors for the dog portion of my project. The reason why I mixed low/high contrast colors for this project because I wanted to show the balance between good and evil.

Date: 6/5/09

Intimate Portrait First Draft

In my first draft, I did not follow my animatic to the letter. I added some new images, and changed the order of the frames around. For example, I created a sequence that contains three shurikens falling down from the top of the project. As they are falling down, each shuriken begins to rotate in a clockwise manner. While the shurikens are rotating, a number appears on each of them. These numbers sync up with a verse from the project's audio track. Also the video contains camera zoom ins/outs, and panning which gives the project movement.

Date: 4/28/10

Intimate Portrait Animatic

As you know the animatic is a blueprint that tells me what I need do in the motion graphics piece. So for this project, I am planning on incorporating text with different font types. The text describes what kind of a person I am in each frame of the project. Also I added images that are connected to me in some way. For example, the logo that is seen in very beginning of the video is the logo from my company,"Knight Games". And other images act as symbols for the text portion of my project.

Date: 4/20/10

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Endtag Logo Final

In this new iteration, I created a new logo for this endtag. The new logo is called,"Ninja Guy", which is the name of my production company. So the project contains camera zoom ins/ outs. Also the video did not have no audio because I wanted the viewers to experience the silence of a ninja. For the company's name font, I used a font called ShurikenBoy.

Date: 3/24/10 


Endtag Logo First Draft

In this project, I used my logo from my game company, "Knight Games", as the focal point of the piece. I used  numerous amount of effects. Some of the effects include Trapcode Particle, motion blur, and etc. Also in the video there is a transition inside of my logo, which changes it into a flower.


Triterm Final on Marcus O'Leary

In my triterm final iteration, I changed the background of the project to red because it is Marcus's favorite color. I replace the old camera picture with a new image because in my first iteration the image is distorted and pixelated. Also I also combine text with images in order to convey my thoughts about Marcus's personality.

Date: 4/14/10

Triterm First Draft on Marcus O'Leary

In this triterm project, I used multiple pictures of Marcus holding a camera. Theses pictures symbolize Marcus's true passion for film making. I incorporate text that explains to viewers what kind of person Marcus is. I also added a movie clip that displays a explosion, which symbolizes Marcus's ethusatic personality. I used a lot of camera movement to make the photos of Marcus interact with the words.


Triterm Animatic on Marcus O'Leary

This animatic serves as a blueprint for me to follow when creating my triterm project. It contains a play by play of each scene that is in the triterm. Each scene also contains text that informs me of what effect that I need to apply for each scene. Most of the scenes have a picture of Marcus O'leary as the center piece.


Overeffects REDUX

For this redux, I used the same movie clip that was seen my last iteration, and also incorporated the same effects into the video. The only difference in this iteration is that I used a multitude of colors in the lens flare effect setting, to make my video have more contrast.


Overeffects First Draft

For this project, I added different layers of effects onto a movie clip that I filmed in a specific area in Philadelphia. The effects distort the video in such a way that makes the movie even unrecognizable to the naked eye. Some effects that I used in this project are static blur, lens flare, motion blur, and etc.