Friday, March 9, 2012

Shout Out

Shout Out, an installation that in which the user's yells or insults act as a input that the computer takes, and sends out an insult back at the sender.

Franken-Bulbasaur in Action

Franken-Bulbasaur (Synopsis)

Franken-Bulbasaur in association with Andrew Zahn: is a toy sound sampler that distorts the pitch of any sound , that is recorded inside of it. It works by the user pressing the recorded button, which is located on the top of the shell of the model. By pressing the nose of the model, the sound will play back the given sound. But the user can mess with the distortion of the pitch of sound by twisting the eyes and the forehead of the model. The eyes and forehead are potentiometers that are link to three hidden speakers. When the playback button is pressed , the sound plays regular on the right speakers( shell, right speaker). But the sound plays late which is a delay and makes a dark, and distorted voice. This key message in the piece that I wanted make a childhood toy monstrous.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Knight Games Logo Final

So for my final iteration of my logo, I brought my sketch into Adobe Illustrator. I outlined my logo and added a black background to the logo. The reason I added background because it gives my logo some visual glue. I chose orange and red as the logo's color because they are masculine and non feminine. I also added the official URL of my gaming company on the bottom of my logo. The URL and logo are in perfect alignment with each other.

Date: 12/17/09

Knight Games Logo sketch

This sketch is one out of many ideas that I created for my logo project. I decided to choose this one because it shows simplicity and geometry within it's design. The G outlines the K and S within the logo design. And also because it is the only one that keeps it's correct size when shrunken down. The name of my company is Knight Games, it is video game manufacturing corporation.


What Effects Me?

The last project that I made to finish off my senior year in high school was a portrait of myself which is being effected by everyday topics. These everyday topics include violence, christianity, technology, and love. For the of myself, I displayed and traced onto a canvas by using a projector. So for each of these topics, I included images that corresponded with their meanings. For example, I use a large wing that forms in the back of my left shoulder to symbolize christianity. Also each of the topics not only effects my portrait, but they also began to effect one another. For example, an satellite forms inside of the wing, which means technology and christianity are merging together. I use mixture between low and high contrast colors for this piece.

Date: 5/29/09